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If you are on this page, you are likely to be looking for online counselling psychology. You may have a clear reason why you have chosen to see a therapist remotely rather than in person. This decision can open up the range of options available to you in terms of your therapist’s qualifications, experience and your sense of whether s/he is someone you will feel most able to open up to and work collaboratively with.

Choosing online counselling can also be for practical and / or psychological reasons. Practically, there is no commute and you can connect from wherever is convenient week to week. Psychologically, you might feel more comfortable to open up when you are in your own familiar surroundings.

This website will help you consider whether online therapy is for you and how to set yourself up for sessions securely. I also hope to give you a sense of myself as an individual and a professional as the relationship between us will be important to the outcomes of your therapy.

Online counsellor

Choose an online platform 

There are a number of apps and video conferencing programmes. Find out which platforms are most secure and reliable. The ‘right’ method for online therapy is a matter of client preference and this link will help you make a choice that is best for you.

benefits of online Counselling 

Accessible expertise

Access your therapist of choice with the right set of skills and experience for you. Breaks down limitations of mobility issues, illness, remote living, frequent business travel and childcare commitments.

Time saving & convenient

Reduces time travelling to and from appointments. No need to account for traffic, parking, childcare arrangements or waiting room time. Access your session from wherever is convenient and confidential.

Increased anonymity

Some clients feel more secure with the discretion and increased anonymity of therapy online. This reduces the feelings of being stigmatised if having to explain time away from work or home, or being seen in the waiting room.


Some clients are able to open up more with the increased anonymity of technology and the comfort of being at home. Some find it less daunting disclosing information when not face to face in person with their therapist. This can lead to better therapeutic outcomes.


Research shows that the therapeutic relationship is equally as strong and effective with online therapy as with in-person therapy. Studies suggest that counselling online is effective with a range of psychological problems such as stress management, relationship difficulties, anxiety and depression.

Online counselling services

Individual therapy

Online counselling and psychotherapy for individuals facing a range of difficulties including anxiety and stress, low moods and depression. Short term and longer term therapy available.

Couples therapy

Online relationship counselling for couples seeking to find a way through stuck issues, resolve current conflicts and/or stuck hurts or to improve communications and enhance bonds.


Strengthen self compassion, relationship with yourself and with others by learning this type of mediation that trains your mind to be less judgmental and more open to experiences to savour life.

Dr Sherylin Thompson

Hello and welcome to my online counselling psychology site. Thank you for visiting and I hope that you leave with more information on me as a person and professional. Seeing a counsellor remotely has pros and cons and so I hope to give you some points and considerations for choosing to have your therapy online and how to get the most out of the process if you do decide to book. This website is a starting point and I do hope that you reach out to me if you need to know more.


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