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Web-based therapy for couples


Couples therapy online for those who want to strengthen bonds, re-establish understanding or maintain a healthy relationship with their partner or spouse.


Building connections online

Couples may choose to do relationship counselling online for a number of reasons. Sometimes each person might live and / or work in a different area to each other making it impractical to meet for therapy in person. Couples’ therapy online can also be useful if there are difficulties in arranging for childcare, at least one person having mobility issues or if the couple lives remotely and can not access quality counselling services in any other way. Choosing an online relationship therapist also gives the couple the flexibility of choice as geography becomes less of a barrier to finding a psychologist with the most relevant skills, qualifications and experience. 

The focus Areas in couples therapy.

Couples can start therapy at various stages of their relationship. Some delay getting help until one partner announces that they can no longer be in the relationship. Others choose to start counselling over a specific concern before difficulties escalate and become unmanageable for the couple.  Sometimes each person is hopeful about the process of therapy and it could also be that at least one partner is reluctant to attend. The assessment session will be an opportunity for both of you to articulate how problems arose and persist, what you most want and need, and how hopeful you both are about the relationship improving. From this discussion, we will agree an initial focus of therapy and this may well be reviewed and updated as you start making progress. 

Review historical hurts

Arguments can often end up on rewinding to the past where old hurts are still stuck and unresolved. Couples therapy can help couples work through the past with more resolution.


Discovering there is a third person in the relationship can leave couples with issues of trust, anger, unresolved resentment and frustrations on both parts. An infidelity does not necessarily mean that a relationship has to end and therapy can help both individuals feel heard, express hurts and explore hopes.

Homes of origin

Often, very unconsciously, we replay relationships and roles that we learnt from our family of origin in our childhood. Sometimes an exploration of how two peoples’ histories might be playing out in ways that reinforces destructive patterns.

Reduce replays

Couples can repeat behaviours and dynamics which can be distressing to both individuals and corrossive to the relationship. Couples counselling can help couples pause and reflect before repeating old patterns.

Family Concerns

Couples are sometimes brought into confllict through dynamics in the wider family e.g. children, in-laws or roles that individuals have ‘fallen’ into that have become problematic. Relationship therapy can include a working through of these intereactions.

Manage separation

Couples therapy does not always have a focus of staying together. Sometimes couples want to explore how to separate amicably and negotiate an ending that is respectful. Therapy can help couples make the ending less painful and more resolved.

balancing responsibilities

A source of dissatisfaction in a couple can sometimes come from perceived imbalances of roles, tasks and responsibilities. Couples sometimes struggle to balance time at home with commitments at work. Relationship counselling can help couples find ways of balancing needs in their lives.

Improve communication

Couples can sometimes find it hard for each other to be heard and understood. Both might work hard for the other to validate his / her point of view, but both instead can feel shutdown and alone. Relationship therapy can help set the conditions for easier communication.

Mental Health

A couple might face problems if one person has or develops mental health difficulties. Mental health in the wider family can also impact on individuals and partners. Therapy can enhance understanding a coping skills.  

Couples Therapy online for any stage of your relationship

Difficulties I have helped couples with

I have worked with couples who are in a marriage or engagement, co-habitating,  in a civil partnership, in the very early stages of their relationship or already in the process of separating. I have also worked with couples diverse in ethnicity, sexuality and ages. Below of some (but not all) of the specific issues that I have helped couples with. 

Relationship anxiety
Negotiating separation
Future planning
Parenting issues
Work/home balance
Building trust
Clashes in values
In laws
Perceived Inequalities
Relationship fatigue
Unmet needs
Culture clashes
Overcoming differences
Sex and intimacy
Communication styles
Past resentments
Family bereavement
Emotional volatility
Doubt in relationship
Future plans
Mental health

Getting Started

Online counsellor

Best online platforms

Getting the right method for you to get online is important. You need consider security, stability and familiarity.

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Booking For Couples counselling

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At your initial consultation, we will agree on a regular arrangement for sessions going forward. You can use the calendar below to see what regular slots are available for weeks ahead. Most clients block book a specific time each week and this is payable before or on the day of each session.


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