Online Therapy

Web-based therapy for individuals


I work with individuals who, for many reasons, may not be able to access counselling sessions in person. This page outlines the online therapies I offer.


Individual therapy online.

Online therapy for individuals best suits those who are unable to attend all of their counselling sessions in person for whatever reason. Sometimes this is due to health, disability or difficulty with childcare arrangements or other commitments. Clients who are able to attend at least occasionally at my office in Canary Wharf, can meet with me there when possible and then resume online. This is particularly useful for those who need to travel regularly for work or personal reasons but also benefit from counselling in the same physical space as their therapist. 

The focus For individual therapy

The focus of counselling very much depends on your internal experiences (thoughts and feelings) and events which brought you reach out for online therapy. The approach and focus of your sessions may also change as you progress.  We will review the work regularly to discuss psychological changes and improvements to your wellbeing as well as how therapy could be adapted to suit developments you are making. Below are some typical focus areas for online counselling.

Understand issues

Understand what might be underlying stuckness, repetitive patterns and unwanted behaviours.

Understand emotions

Sometimes people do not know how they feel. Or find it hard to read the emotions of others. Therapy can help you be more attunded to yourself and those around you. 

Self examination

Therapy can also just simply be about exploring yourself as a commitment to ongoing person development. Some people find this helpful to maintain their overall wellbeing.

Finding balance

At times in life it can be hard to find balance between home and work, supporting the needs of others vs ourselves, or knowing when to confront difficulties or when to let them go. Therapy can help you explore areas of imbalance in your life.

Find direction

Life changes can sometimes leave a person feeling lost. Therapy can help you focus on your purpose. 

Manage relationships

We develop our self concept through relationships with others. This starts with your family of origin and a ‘template’ for relating can continue throughout life. 

Unlock stuckness

Become unlocked from rigid ways of seeing yourself and the world. Find more freedom to live with more ease and possibilities.

Strengthen resilience

Our minds are just as susceptible as our bodies are to strain and ill health. Therapy can help you support yourself in the face of pressures. 

Improve self expression

Some people can feel lonely even though they are close to many others. An individual can shut down to avoid conflict, hide aspects of themselves they don’t like or have had experiences they find shameful. Therapy can help you find different ways of expressing yourself more skilfully. 

Connect from wherever you choose

Difficulties I can help you with

Not all clients attend therapy due to a clinical condition, diagnosis or particular issue. When starting online therapy, some clients say that they have an underlying sense of dissatisfaction, sadness or unease which they do not really understand. It is fine to do therapy if at this stage you are unable to pinpoint any cause or trigger for any emotion, thought pattern or behaviour. Some clients are clear on what they want to achieve with therapy and others find it harder to imagine how life could possibly be different for them. Whatever your current experience is that brought you to this page, or whatever you hope to get from therapy, we can discuss at your assessment session the approach we will take and the next steps. Below is a list of some of the issues that have brought some of my clients to me.  

Anger management
Chronic pain
Self esteem
Carer support
Chronic fatigue
Relationship issues
Domestic violence
Eating disorders
Stress & burnout
Terminal illness
Self harm
Emotional numbness
Personality issues

Getting Started

Online counsellor

Best online platforms

Getting the right method for you to get online is important. You need consider security, stability and familiarity.


Booking For individual therapy

Please use the booking calendar to check my availability, book and pay online. Feel free to use the contact form (below the calendar) if you need to ask me any questions before booking your online session. Please note that the appointments are 50 minutes in duration.

At your initial online therapy session, we will agree on a regular arrangement for sessions going forward. You can use the calendar below to see what regular slots are available for weeks ahead. Most clients block book a specific time each week and this is payable before or on the day of each session.


I aim to reply to all messages with 24 hours. If you have not heard from me after a day, please try again through another method as I may not have received your message.

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